Clovis Woman’s Dramatic Weight Loss Struggle and Success Inspires Thousand

Clovis Woman’s Dramatic1This is a success story of a Clovis Woman’s inspiring a lot of people around the valley and also the world in the person of Tanya Smith.

Tanya is 35 year old whose weight reached 280 lbs after the recent death of her mother and after giving birth to her 3 children. Because of her weight Tanya was not proud of herself; she tends to stay at home all the time. In fact, her doctor even suggested trying gastric bypass, or also known as Lap band surgery; however, she refused to do it and told herself she needs to do other method of reducing weight.

Her goal was to lose 134 pounds so she started to work it out slowly, Keeping a set of regular workout schedule which includes Cardio activities in a period of six days in a week and a weight training workout 3 to 4 days in a week. Tanya’s motivation is to be fit and healthy so she may live longer and it makes her happy.

Clovis Woman’s Dramatic2Her very own recipes as well as routine workout known to social media, which includes Facebook, her page dubbed as “Reshaping Tanya” got 55 thousand followers all over and from even as far as Europe and Australia. Also in Instagram under the user name “LVNFIT” Her biggest fans is her sister and Tori Michaels, her workout partner occasionally. Her story indeed inspires people.

People needs an inspiration, her story is real. She is the woman who, once, had been terrified of being the source of fun at the gym encourage everyone to the step by step procedure that could save their life.

Her fans asked her to write and compile her stories and struggles, her own recipes as well as exercise in a book but her next goal is to be able to reach a 15% body fat!

Can Weight Loss Fads Be Dangerous?

Weight Loss FadsExperts noticed that women now are somewhat too desperate to reach their ideal (and sometimes too good to be true) weight to the point of expecting doctors to give them a miracle.
Seeing the “skinny trend” among celebrities now it’s no wonder why more and more women are opting for different ways to become like these famous trend setters. However, instead of using proper diet and exercise to achieve it, these women are more inclined to use different weight loss fads, again, just like their idols.

What these women do not realize is that these diet fads are also like trends that simply goes out and goes back after a period of time, only with a different name. As effective as it may seem, there are diet fads that can also bring bad effect to one’s health.

Here are some of the diet fads that you should think twice before trying:

The Potato Diet

You got it right. This diet literally consists of potatoes and potatoes alone.

Some people believe that limiting one’s food intake to only one particular food item can result in an overall reduction of food intake that can result in a decrease in weight. That may be right, but since the nutrients are also taken in limiting the overall health is compromised. Not only that, because potatoes have high glycemic content that can totally increase the blood sugar level.

Juicing And Cleansing Diets

This particular fad is no different than the potato diet, however, instead of one kind of solid food a cleansing diet only allows juices from a particular fruit and/or vegetables to be taken. Actually, this as a very good way to clean our system of free radicals that may have accumulated inside the body but then some use it for a longer period than recommended which can cause problem to the health as well. It’s not a secret but the fruits have high sugar content which can shoot up the insulin production.

Zero Gluten Diets

Most of the processed foods that we normally consume are made mostly with gluten which is one of the main reasons why junk foods are fattening. While people with celiac disease had to cut down on their gluten to Weight Loss Fads1prevent themselves from getting sick, some people think that doing the same thing can reduce their weight dramatically. But while food manufacturers try to remove gluten from their products, they have to substitute it with wheat which also has high sugar content.

HCG And Other Weight Loss Injections

A natural hormone that is produced during pregnancy, the human chronic gonadotropin, is said to have weight loss effects too. However, such effects of HCG injections are not confirmed, even by the FDA, since this is a drug that is known to be used for hormonal treatments in males and female fertility only.

And while there are still other people claiming to be medical experts who have found an “effective” weight loss injection, there are still a lot of studies that has to be conducted to prove its effectiveness and safety.

Successfully Handling The Holidays While On Diet

DietHolidays, like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and more, are just some of the days that dieters dreaded. The main reason is because there are many foods and they are all very tempting. This situation often makes it hard for those to stick with their diets especially when many foods are offered right in front of them. How do you handle the holidays when you’re on a diet is not that easy, but is very much possible. This is very important for dieters to know so that they will be able to save themselves from ruining their hard work diet.

Dieting must be consisted of good work out and a good food diet plan. This is really hard to maintain especially when Holidays came to view. This means more tempting and mouthwatering foods are available. In order to handle your cravings and other diet no-nos, there are some things you can do. First, before you get to the party or the celebration, eat some beforehand. This will prevent you from having cravings and eventually eat a lot in the party.

Another thing you can do is to choose the food that is quite near your food diet category. Make sure to use a Diet1small plate to limit the portions so you can limit yourself from eating a lot. Having a portable calorie counter on your cell phone or gadget would also help. This will remind you and will keep you on track about your food consumption.

And last but not the least, prepare yourself and motivate your mind to stick with your diet plan no matter what. With these methods it will be much easier to handle your foods cravings and holiday disasters.

Holidays could be really tempting and hard to handle especially if many tasty foods are just out there and ready for you to try. In keeping your diet on track, discipline and precautions are needed so you can still enjoy some of the foods without ruining your diet.

Low Carb Diets: Can They Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease

Low Carb DietsToday, many are really suffering with obesity. The population percentage of obese individuals is getting higher as time passes by. This condition results to health problems particularly a heart disease. And this is why a lot of people are resorting to diets as a solution to their gain weight. However, the question is can low carb diets increase your risk of heart disease?

Many individuals are doing different diets to lose some weight and one known trend is the low carbohydrate diet. If you are wondering whether this diet can worsen your health or not, the answer is no, it will not. According to studies, a low carb type of diet can decrease inflammation in our body, which can definitely decrease the risk of having a heart disease. This finding was presented to the American Heart Association Scientific Session.

Low Carb Diets1Other findings also show that whatever type of diet you choose, either low fat or low carb diet, it can benefit and lower the risks of acquiring a heart disease. Aside from that, it is also advised that people whose ages are ranging from 30 to 60 years old should undergo either a low carb or a low fat regimen at least for six months to reduce weight, particularly at the abdominal part of the body.

The body has three inflammation markers which are interleukin, C-reactive, and also tumor necrosis-alpha. And based on some observations and studies, people who undergo diets, between the low fat and low carb regimen, those who use a low carbohydrate diet tend to lose some more weight and BMI as compared to the ones who are under a low fat diet. But nonetheless, both regimens are effective and can benefit one’s health and also one’s heart. This also proves that whatever you choose between the two, as long as you do it right, you will definitely lower your inflammation markers and you will also obtain lower weight—something all of us desire.

Considering Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss SurgeryAt this time, the population or the numbers of people who are suffering with weight gain or obesity are getting higher and higher. It can be caused by bad eating habits, poor lifestyle, or even hereditary problems. And because of this issue, many are opting for different kinds of solutions such as extreme dieting, having a healthy lifestyle, trying diet supplements, and even having surgery for weight loss. This is one of the methods that are now used to make losing weight much easier and faster.

Although surgery might be a scary decision for many to take, this method is not fully pushed aside by those who really want to lose their unwanted fats. This is a very complicated process because one should consider many things before going on with it and one also needs to consider the effects it might bring to his life and his body. This kind of process must be done with some professional help and also through some therapy.

And even with great results and fast weight loss due to these methods, many are having second thoughts about undergoing a surgery. It is not about the fear of being subjected to the surgery itself, but more on what the changes it can bring. Just like the guy who happens to be involved in a car crash and wWeight Loss Surgery1as found out that because of his weight loss surgery, his alcohol tolerance became low and this resulted for him to pass out and eventually have a car crash.

That situation might be an isolated case, but before you try and use this kind of method, make sure to ask about the details regarding the process and the possible effects it can give aside from losing weight. This is very important because you might be skipping some of the details that may help you do the right decision in having a surgery or not.

Are You Aware Of The Hottest Health Issues Today?

Health IssuesIf you are one of the people who are concerned over your health above anything else, then it is likely that you are also giving much attention to the latest health news happening around you. Updating yourself of the latest updates about certain health issues will give you some ideas on how you can improve your body’s condition and avoid the nagging health woes that are usually bothering you.

What are the benefits of paying attention to the latest health updates?

First, it will allow you to make the necessary adjustments that will benefit your health. In the event that you are often bothered by some nagging illness that keep on coming back, then the solution to this chronic problem can be found in some health news being provided by most companies today. All you have to do is to browse over the Internet or keep your TV open and, for sure, you will be able to obtain some useful information that can help you improve your health.

Another benefit that you can get from updating yourself with the latest news about good heHealth Issues1alth is that it will inform you of the newest or the modern methods on how you can stay fit and healthy. While the traditional methods still work, it must be noted that there is nothing permanent in this world except changes. This only means that you need to learn how to adapt to the changes happening around you so you will not be left behind by others.

Keeping yourself informed about these helpful updates will also allow you help others who are also facing some issues with regards to their vitality. These people could be your friends, relatives, or even your office mates. If you will be able to equip yourself of the complete information about particular health issues, you will be able to provide some helpful tips and suggestions to people who need some health advice too.

As you can see, spending time in reading different health news is extremely useful, especially if staying on tiptop shape is your top priority.

Madonna’s Secret To Remain At Her Best Even Past 50

Madonna’s SecretSince the early 80s, Madonna has been a popular name in the music industry. Songs like “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Vogue”, and “Like a Virgin” topped the charts not only in the US but also in other countries. Thirty years later, she is still an influence in the entertainment scene not only as a singer but also as a songwriter, dancer, actress, director, and entrepreneur. Despite her 53-year-old age, Madonna shows off ripped biceps on world tour and other performances that still excites the crowd which has spanned through generations of fans.

Together with famous musical artists like LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, and Cee Lo Green, the “material girl” Madonna performed at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show in front of 114 million viewers all over the world. It was said that Madonna’s performance was the most watched halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl. Another spectacular performance of the musical icon was at the controversial MDNA world tour in Instanbul, Turkey where she exposed her right breast to the very excited crowd as part of a stunt.

When asked about how she can still perform at her age, she replied, “It’s all about doing some hard work.” She also added, “There is really no easy way. But if you want to know how I started look like I do, my answer would Madonna’s Secret1be diet and exercise and seriously being careful… I’m not going to slow down, get off this ride, stay home and get fat!”

Madonna is proud about her toned physique and how hard work really does pay off. The 12-minute performance at the Super Bowl proved that she can still perform at a very high level. Aside from that, she is still able to maintain her status in Hollywood that is obsessed with young, up and coming talents. Madonna has definitely solidified her mark as one of the most influential artists of all time.

Does The Color of Your Foods Have Something To Do With Your Health?

FoodsWhen it comes to the foods you eat, is brown really better?

According to some health bloggers, you need to choose the brown foods over the white ones, so your health will be improved. While following this advice will not compromise your health, it must also be noted that brown foods are not always superior over their counterparts.

In the event that you always confused yourself when it comes to picking the healthier foods, we have prepared some of the essential tips that will help you decide which color you must pick.

Brown Sugar Or The White One – regardless of its color, you need to keep in mind that sugar will always be sugar. The only difference of brown sugar from the white one is that they did not go any process, which the white sugar has undergone. However, the amount of the carbohydrates and calories both sugar have are almost the same.

White Or Brown Bread – there is nothing to worry about the color of bread that you will buy. The reason behind the dark or brown color is due to the flavoring that bread manufacturers are using. What you need is to make sure that the ingredients of the bread contain whole grain, which is a great source of fibers and antioxidants.

Eggs – its color does not signify the benefits you can get from this poultry product. The white and brown color Foods1of the egg shell is usually determined by the breeds of the hen. However, it must be noted that not all eggs are alike since there are some that are rich in omega 3s while others lack it.

Rice – this one will require you pick the brown rice since, unlike the white ones, the dark colored rice has the whole grain intact in it. This is also rich in fibers, minerals, and essential vitamins.

We hope that the information we have provided here will be enough to provide you the assistance in making your final decision.

Reasons Why Buying Raspberry Ketone Is Smart

Raspberry KetoneWhat are the raspberry ketone benefits? If you are one of the individuals who are deeply concerned with your health, then for sure, the answers to this question will easily grab your attention. In case you are not familiar with the raspberry ketone and what it can do to your health, then allow us to provide the key facts and information about it.

What Is The Raspberry Ketone?

This is the latest weight loss supplement, which is already projected by most experts as the one that will resolve most weight loss problems. Although this product is just new in the weight loss market, its popularity has already skyrocketed and you will see thousands of dieters interested and are asking as to where they can buy this product. One reason behind the soaring high fame of this weight loss product is due to its exposure in the popular and most followed Dr. Oz Show. When a product is highly endorsed by prominent personalities, it will not be surprising if it will grab everyone attention, especially by those who want to experience consistent weight loss.

Here are some of the benefits of the raspberry ketone weight loss supplement:

  • One remarkable thing about this product is its capability to produce an immediate effect. Raspberry Ketone1Following its right dosage of two tablets per day, combined with regular exercise and the right diet, one can expect significant changes in his weight for just two weeks of taking this supplement.
  • This weight loss supplement will also spare you from any negative side effects, since it is made from natural ingredients, which are proven to be effective just like the other supplements out there.
  • The FDA has labeled this weight loss supplement under the category of generally recognized as safe, which only proved that this product will not compromise your health.
  • This product also makes your body burn more calories effectively, especially if it will be combined with various thermogenic natural ingredients.

What you have read are the real benefits that you can get from taking the raspberry ketone. If you are serious in achieving your desired weight, then putting your trust in this product is critical.

Why You Should NEVER Take Part In Free Trial Diet Offers – Scam Warning

Diet OffersMost of us are cognizant to the fact that losing weight is one of the things that most people are into these days. If you will see, there are lots of diet products and fitness programs that are invading every market these days. These products, which are found in the online market, are now starting to get the attention of most dieters today.  You will also encounter lots of free trials of the different diet products that promise to give you the result you look for.

Moreover, this post would tell you some of the reasons why you should never take part in free trial diet offers. This post will remind you that these offers might be just a scam that will only waste your time and rob your money.

Since most people are having difficulties in picking the right diet plan for them, it is just natural that they will be Diet Offers1extra careful in the products they are purchasing. This is one basis why most dieters get a little too excited whenever there are free diet trials that will be out in the market. The idea of not spending any amount of their money and try a diet product is something that is hard to resist. For sure, you have also experienced tempted by these special diet trials, since the diet that you are using only frustrate you.

However, this post would strongly suggest that you have to be extra cautious in dealing with these diet trials, especially if they are free. Remember, this could be one of the works of scam people who are out to get your money. Although this free trial is a legitimate marketing method used by most companies today, it will be for your own good, if you will avoid getting part of any of these trials.

Why You Should Never Exercise Without These Gadgets At All Cost

ExerciseIf you are a certified health buff person, then most probably, you are familiar with the different gadgets that you can use for your exercise. Since we now live in the modern era, it is just natural that even in our exercise activities; there are the gadgets that would help us to achieve a positive result.

Here, are some devices that you should use and the reasons why you should never exercise without these gadgets:

  • Nintendo Wii Fit—if you want to make your workout fun and exciting, then by accompanying it with this product would solve your problem. Whenever we hear the word Nintendo, the immediate thing that will surely come in your mind is a game, which is exactly the purpose of this device—to make your workout as if you are only playing.
  • Versa loops—another device that will make exercising a fun activity. This one would work on the Exercise1resistance level of your Pilates exercise and make it more efficient than ever.
  • Exercise ball—this is another device that is commonly used for your Pilates workout. This device is widely used of crunches and adds some exciting twist in this very popular abs exercise.
  • iPod—of course. Most of us are familiar with this cool device, but do you know that it can be used for exercises too?  How? The answer is simple, turn on  this device while you are performing your daily workout, and you will realize that this gadget is inspiring you to continue exercising, especially at times that you feel you are about to give up.

The stated gadgets are now available in most markets and are just there for you to acquire them. If you really want to stay focus in your exercise, then using any of the above gadgets will help you accomplish your goal.

Incorporating Chocolates To Your Breakfast Meal Is Smart

Breakfast MealDo you know why most health experts are suggesting eating chocolates during breakfast? Do you have any idea behind the logic of including chocolate products for your breakfast? In case you cannot provide the immediate answers to these questions, then there is no reason for you to be worried, since we will be providing the answer you are looking for. So, why you should have chocolate for breakfast? The following paragraphs will explain things for you.

The benefits of having chocolates during your breakfast:

  • Chocolates are high in antioxidants contents that efficiently fight the harmful free radicals inside your body. Cocoa, one key component of chocolate, contains flavanol which is a natural compound that can be found in most plants and animals.
  • Chocolates have the capability to lower blood pressure, which is one of the most common causes of deaths in the past decades.
  • A person who eats chocolates on a regular basis effectively reducing the LDL cholesterol.
  • Breakfast Meal1Serotonin is also one of the components of chocolate which is known to be effective an anti-depressant. Chocolate products also help in the creation of the endorphin, a hormone that is responsible in making a person feel happy and satisfied.
  • Eating chocolates will also enable you to fight various illnesses such as cancer, heart diseases, and hypertension.
  • Contrary to what others think, chocolates have the capacity to protect you from suffering tooth decay. This is due to the theobromine that chocolate contains that is very efficient in getting rid of the streptococcus mutans, which is a type of bacteria, found in the oral cavity that produces tooth decay.

After discovering the many benefits of eating chocolate, these will be enough to convince you incorporating this food in your breakfast.